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RUML s.r.o. was founded in 1992 by Vladimír Ruml with the aim of creating a sales representative for KLINGER products for the Czech Republic. Until this time, the sale of KLINGER products for the territory of the former Czechoslovakia was carried out under the banner of the state-owned company Řempo, in which Vladimír had worked since 1979.

The beginning of the business was marked by the development of a stable customer network of industrial customers across the territory of the Czech and Slovak Republics. Among the most important customers were, for example, Chemopetrol Litvínov, to which Vladimír supplied Klingerit sealing plates, Teplárna Košice, which chose KLINGER Ballostar KHI ball valves to build its hot water heating network.
From the very beginning of his business, Vladimír focused primarily on his biggest domain – trade, and therefore outsourced other supporting activities (accounting, warehouse management and invoicing). A very progressive solution for its time.

In 2011, the two older sons David Ruml and Filip Ruml take over the management of the company and thus begin to fulfill the idea of ​​a true family business based on good relations both among colleagues and above all with customers. They found inspiration for setting up a suitable model in the successfully managed partner companies of the KLINGER multinational network.

Over time, RUML began to expand its offer to include products from other important industrial manufacturers such as Armstrong International, WLGORE, Posi-flate and others. With the expansion of the offer, it was also necessary to strengthen the team of collaborators, both in the commercial and administrative areas.

Since 2013, the company has shown a steady year-on-year increase in turnover and continues to focus on the supply of high-quality products and related services.
Since 2015, the company has started offering services in the field of industrial energy audits, monitoring of condensate drains and thermal insulation of industrial distribution systems.

RUML s.r.o. is currently an important and trusted supplier in the field of industrial seals, fittings and components for steam-condensate systems for a number of Czech and multinational industrial concerns.
RUML s.r.o. has been a reliable partner and supplier in its field for more than 30 years.

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About RUML Group

The establishment of the first family company RUML in 1992 started the gradual process of building a wider portfolio of companies focused on supplies for industry in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The distribution of the portfolio and the synergy of the individual companies allow us to be an economically stable and trustworthy business partner for our customers.

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Follow the footsteps of the history of the company RUML s.r.o., which are still creating in cooperation with our customers.


The beginning of the company can basically be dated back to 1979, when Vladimír Ruml became a sales representative at the state-owned company Řempo. He held this position until 1992. His main task was the sale of KLINGER products in Czechoslovakia. Among the largest customers were the Chemopetrol Litvínov and Slovnaft Bratislava refineries, as well as the metallurgical production Nová Huť Ostrava, Ocelárny Vítkovice and Košice. A number of chemical companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, e.g. Duslo Šala and NCHZ Nováky.


In 1992, Vladimír Ruml founded the company RUML s.r.o. and smoothly continued to represent the KLINGER company, now already in the Czech and Slovak Republics. He made full use of his previous experience and at that time had a very progressive “outsourcing” for invoicing, storage and accounting.


The eldest son David Ruml joins the company.


Son Filip Ruml joins the company.


Beginning of cooperation with Armstrong International.


Steam Engineer from England, David Graham, trained RUML s.r.o. employees Petr Novák and Michal Páca in the issue of condensate trap diagnostics.

Company Management

David Ruml

David joined Ruml s.r.o. in 1998 with the aim of mainly selling fiber rubber and PTFE sealing plates. Thus, education in a new field began. A significant support and source of knowledge at that time was the intensive contact with the professor of the Czech Technical University, doc. Ing. Jiří Lukavský.

Since 2015, he has been actively involved in the management of RUML Industry, which deals with the complete processing of sheet metal using CNC technologies. Since 2018, he has also supported the development of RUML Emes, a company that represents the main partner companies KLINGER, Armstrong International, W.L.Gore in Slovakia.

Filip Ruml, MBA

Together with his brother David, Filip is the majority owner of all RUML companies. Currently, he is primarily responsible for the strategy, finance and business development of all RUML companies. At present, he is mostly devoted to the development of the RUML and RUML Service companies. Before joining RUML in 2008, he worked as a project manager at Komerční banka in the marketing department.

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RUML s.r.o.

Representation of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial fittings, seals and steam condensate systems in Czechia.
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RUML Emes s.r.o.

Representation of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial fittings, seals and steam condensate systems in Slovakia.
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RUML Service s.r.o.

Implementation, operation and maintenance of technological equipment and units.
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RUML Industry s.r.o.

Metal production, complex sheet metal processing with CNC technologies.
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RUML Těsnění s.r.o.

Manufacturer and supplier of sealing, insulating and connecting materials for waterworks and industrial applications.
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