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RUML s.r.o. was founded in 1992 by Vladimír Ruml with the aim of creating a sales representative for KLINGER products for the Czech Republic. Until this time, the sale of KLINGER products for the territory of the former Czechoslovakia was carried out under the banner of the state-owned company Řempo, in which Vladimír had worked since 1979.

The beginning of the business was marked by the development of a stable customer network of industrial customers across the territory of the Czech and Slovak Republics. Among the most important customers were, for example, Chemopetrol Litvínov, to which Vladimír supplied Klingerit sealing plates, Teplárna Košice, which chose KLINGER Ballostar KHI ball valves to build its hot water heating network.
From the very beginning of his business, Vladimír focused primarily on his biggest domain – trade, and therefore outsourced other supporting activities (accounting, warehouse management and invoicing). A very progressive solution for its time.

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About RUML Group

The establishment of the first family company RUML in 1992 started the gradual process of building a wider portfolio of companies focused on supplies for industry in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The distribution of the portfolio and the synergy of the individual companies allow us to be an economically stable and trustworthy business partner for our customers.

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